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In 2017, Husband and Wife Sam Leetham and Saasha Burns launched their health and lifestyle brand ‘BEAR’. Since their launch they have positively disrupted the overwhelming world of supplements, by creating a bespoke range of essential daily vitamins and powders of the highest quality and purified ingredients. Each perfectly created formula includes activated ingredients and botanical extracts sourced from around the world. Each product has been carefully thought out, from their clean and simplified aesthetic to each ingredient and their extreme health benefits. We love how Sam and Saash have kept it minimal in the way that they haven’t jam packed each product with layers of ingredients. They are stripping it back and keeping it authentic, that’s one of the many things we love about this brand.

BEAR was born from a strong desire to add something new and innovative to the market and a whole lot of love, we can all agree that the love most certainly shines through in everything that they do. Their aim was to simplify the often-formidable world of vitamins with a fresh perspective and a minimalist appreciation. BEAR is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought-after vitamin brands. It is wonderful to see the love and passion within the campaigns and products, we can’t wait to see what’s next for BEAR in 2019. I hope you enjoy x 

– Can you tell us what lead to the formulation of BEAR and what has been the driving force behind it?

BEAR started organically when we discovered a clear gap in the supplement market. Overwhelmed by choice, we didn’t know which brands to trust and which products would deliver real benefits. We started a journey of research and discovery and worked with a team of naturopaths, compounding pharmacists and medical professionals to develop a bespoke range of Essential Daily Vitamins that contain only the highest quality, simplified ingredients proven in efficacy, safety and stability. With a clean, minimalist aesthetic our  products are designed to be seen and used everyday, fitting seamlessly into your morning beauty and grooming routine.
– What is your constant source of inspiration?

Travel. We find we are most creative and develop our best ideas for the business when we are exploring new cities and catching up with friends in different countries. We’ve grown to appreciate that home for us is wherever we both are at any point in time so we really value this time travelling – life moves pretty fast and it’s easy to forget the journey is just as important as the destination. Because we do travel so much, we always love spending a weekend at home with no real plans. We love going for a swim at Wategos Beach, doing a little shop at the local farmers market and cooking up one of our favourite pastas.

“Sometimes I accomplish the most when I work the least” – Leonardo da Vinci

– If you had any advice for people starting a business what would it be?

There is this expectation in business, and society more broadly now that everyone should be in a hurry, a rush. One of our early advisors on BEAR encouraged us to slow every facet of the brand down, to grow methodically but slowly, to really ‘understand’ our business, our category and our strategy. Only then can you deliver and execute something of true value and quality. Saasha and I had the idea for BEAR two years before we launched but we took that time to ensure we were creating something that would really resonate and have longevity with our community.

– What are your morning rituals?

Rising with the sun. A glass of water with our Explore Essential Daily Vitamin. A long walk along our local beach with our husky, Minnesota.

– Can you tell us the benefits of taking the newest BEAR supplement – Repair?

Made from cold-pressed Australian hemp seeds, REPAIR is a complete plant-based protein source that is rich in activated protein, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids for healthy skin, muscle repair and normal bone health. The multi-fibre protein supplement contains 20 amino acids for optimal bio-availability and digestion, and is high in antioxidants, vitamins E, C, A and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

– At humanmood we are dedicated to leaving a lighter footprint in every way we can, what do you do as a business to support this?

After an 18-month review process, we’ve recently been certified as an official B Corporation for our verified positive social and environmental impact. We are proud to be working closely with WildArk, a modern Australian conservation movement that helps protect and conserve the natural wonders of the world and the wild animals that inhabit them. WildArk are working to secure identified green belts to protect as much of the world’s biodiversity as possible for future generations. They have just secured Pridelands Conservancy, located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, that opens into the greater Kruger National Park, adding an additional 4500 acres of land to conservation. BEAR donates a fixed dollar amount from each product sold and together, we hope to make a significant difference to species protection and conservation projects worldwide in the years to come. All of our products are also packaged in fully recyclable and recycled amber glass jars using a natural FSC certified paper stock for our labels and boxes.

 We are so excited to see more from BEAR, what’s on the horizon?

We’ve just launched our limited edition HOLIDAY 19 Duets, designed to inspire the gift of health in the lead up to Christmas and throughout the New Year. There’s lots on the radar for 2019 which is really exciting. We’re about to announce a collection of new retail partners across Australia and the United States alongside a number of new products launches. Stay tuned.


Founders: Saasha burns and Sam Leetham 

Written by: Alison Godbier

Photography: Benjamin Holtrop for BEAR

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