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VEIA, pronounced (Vah-uh) are the pieces you will always turn to and can wear time and time again. Simple, elegant and for the everyday. We have fallen head over heels for these timeless pieces, from the gold plated hoops to the fresh water pearls, Georgia Martin, founder of VEIA can do no wrong. We had the pleasure of interviewing Georgia and were really humbled with her response, this is a new journey for Georgia and she has already achieved so much, put VEIA on your list of brands to watch in the future, they have exciting new projects coming for 2019. We are honoured to be VEIA’s first stockist and are excited to watch this beautiful brand blossom, when there is a love behind what you do it will take you to great places and this is exactly what gives life to VEIA, it is born out of love and a passion to create.

– Can you tell us what lead to the formulation of VEIA?

“Veia offers simple modern pieces that have a slight vintage feel. They are the pieces I wanted to wear and now do wear everyday, all day. The classic hoops, minimal pearls, cute clips and layering necklaces, it’s a very practical, streamlined collection.”

– Who and what are you inspired by?

“Lots of vintage jewellery, mainly from the 70s. Women who speak, live and dress for themselves. Old magazines, I have piles of them all over my home. Instagram – it can be a vortex but also the ability to find and connect with beautiful and creative people and brands outweighs that for me.”

– Can you tell us the story of VEIA and the constant drive behind the brand?

“The business is about offering beautiful, easy to wear pieces that are accessible and cool. It’s very simple, I’m not reinventing the wheel but also on a personal level having that space to be creative is impowering and I hope when a person wears Veia they feel the same.”

– What are your morning rituals?

“Walking my dog and getting outside, coffee whilst creating a ‘game plan’ for the day.”

– As a business we like to do what we can to leave a lighter footprint, what do you do to support this?

“Whilst I’m in the initial phase of my business being conscious of the choices I have and researching them is a priority for me. For example I’m currently focusing on packaging options, it seems like a small element but each aspect is important. There are some amazing and easy ways you can make this process a great and memorable experience for your customer by being eco-conscious. Some online purchases I made recently the packaging made me feel sick, it was over the top and unnecessary. I also hope that when people buy Veia they aren’t just purchasing to wear to one event or for a short period of time. My hope is that the light weight and simple pieces allow for them to be worn and used everyday. We do need to consume less and be more conscious as brands, businesses and consumers.”

– What has been the best piece of advice someone has given you?

“I have such a love hate relationship with advice, while the people around you do want what’s best for you go with your own advice and gut. I guess the best advice would be learning to listen to your own intuition. Whenever I do this, if it doesn’t go as planned at least it was on my terms and I can sit in that and really learn from it.”

– What’s on the horizon for VEIA?

“Lots. I believe there is a real power in being small. You can be flexible, creative and build a business in a very real and organic way. Of course it has its limitations and challenges but being creative, prioritising and working around them is fulfilling in itself. I want to expand the Veia offering, especially with other accessories. Series one, the first collection is all gold, which is what I wear so that was a very personal choice however I will expand and play with other materials and metals next. I’m motivated and thankful for the response so far.”


Written by: Alison Godbier 

Photography: VEIA

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