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Reiki is an alternative modality most often referred to as energy healing. Reiki encourages deep relaxation which facilitates emotional and physical healing, allowing the body to reset energetically. Once reset you will feel energised and balanced and find relief from anxiety and stress.

A powerful tool for overcoming accumulated nervous tension and residual trauma. Reiki promotes pain relief and eases muscle tension due to deep relaxation, helping you to move through emotional turmoil.

A deeply soothing experience, it is often described as “hands on” healing, where the Reiki practitioner’s hands transmit a healing life force to facilitate your own process of healing.

Most importantly, it is used to reconnect to the deep profound love and healing you have inside of you.

Sessions can be carried out in-person as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with PSYCH-K® as part of a bundle for best results.


Alison Godbier, Reiki Practitioner 

Alison is a Reiki Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Yoga + Meditation Teacher, health and well-being devotee, and founder of Humanmood. Gifted into a life of yoga and spirituality, Alison’s intuitive approach and deep understanding of all things mind, body and spirit, combined with passion and dedication make for a truly powerful experience.

A big believer in personal transformation, and the ancient knowledge we all hold inside of us. It is her mission to help people re-connect to the innate wisdom and self-awareness that most of us have detached ourselves from. Her perspective is about empowering people to be in their natural state of peacefulness, happiness and love.

Alison finds happiness in guiding her clients into deep relaxation which allows them to reconnect to their own innate healing abilities, this is where they experience  beautiful transformation. Her loving, compassionate and powerful approach makes her healings deep and profound, leaving her clients feeling rejuvinated, light and nurtured.

Alison loves to focus on:

  • Balancing Psychic Centers (Chakra System)
  • Overall Health & Wellbeing
  • Transforming Stress & Anxiety
  • Deep Relaxation & Stillness
  • Self-love



  • USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki First Degree



Reiki Healing (1 hour): $150


“There’s something magical about Alison. Her energy is so welcoming and nurturing. I had the most beautiful Reiki experience at her property overlooking the national park. I left that table feeling light and nourished. Alison also coached me in PSYCH-K to release limiting beliefs which were holding me back. I’m so grateful for this woman and how she creates the space for me to heal.” 


“I met Alison at the initial PSYCH-K course. I instantly knew she was going to be the one to help me in my healing journey. I have worked with Alison many times & through some very dark times with my Bi-polar condition and the breakdown of my marriage. She is always warm and understanding, there is never any judgement and I feel with her by my side I have a little bit of hope for my future. I would strongly recommend her for Reiki it’s just wonderful, she has a natural ability…but also a kind of generous nature, she genuinely wants to help people. Which is what it’s all about.” 


“Alison’s first-hand experience combined with passion and expertise of all things mind, body and spirit makes for a truly healing undertaking! Through techniques such as PSYCH-K and Reiki her goal is aimed at getting you in touch with your own inner guidance and working with your subconscious so you can regain control and live your optimal bliss! After the first PSYCH-K session I could feel a dramatic shift and was once again excited to embark on a journey of true healing and happy living!”


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