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Humanmoods philosophy encapsulates the condition of a space, environment or home; it embodies depth, tone, texture and warmth with a granted twist of luxury and boldness.

Humanmood was founded by Alison Godbier in 2015, and evolved to become an online boutique in 2017. Through Alison’s passion for architecture, design and her love of ceramics, materials and organics, she decided she wanted to create a store where like-minded people could enjoy filling their spaces with a beauty that she found within hers.

Humanmood embraces a plethora of materials such as: concrete, glass, steel, and oak. Humanmood also encourages and promotes sustainable materials such as: bamboo, hemp, soy, and cork for the more environmentally conscious consumer.

Alison’s aim is to find unique and exclusive brands that are of the highest quality. She believes that each item should be carefully selected, utilised and adored.

When picking health and beauty products it is important for us to consider scents and ingredients that enhance mood and work harmoniously with the human body, specifically on a healing level.

We source brands that have inspiring people at the helm; individuals or collectives that share their knowledge, taste and spirit through creative expression. With a tenacious regard for architecture and design firms, Alison’s aim is to develop close relationships with both them and independent artists. Humanmood is a platform where she can share their stories, display their wonderful work, and extraordinary masterpieces.

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