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Humanmood is extremely proud to be donating a fixed amount towards Take 3 For The Sea, Greenpeace and Wild Ark.



Take 3 is an Australian not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2009 by surfing enthusiast, Amanda Marechal, marine ecologist, Roberta Dixon-Valk and environmentalist, Tim Silverwood.

Take 3 are committed to reducing plastic pollution and promoting the transition to a circular economy through education and participation. Their message is simple: Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway…or anywhere special, and you’ve made a difference. We deliver education programs to inspire our global community to help create a cleaner planet for wildlife and future generations.

Take 3 are a now an international organisation with participation in 129 countries (on Instagram). It’s Take 3’s mission to reduce global plastic pollution through education and participation. Take 3 deliver education programs in schools, surf clubs and communities in Australia and use social media to inspire broad audiences to take action to reduce plastic pollution using the #take3forthesea hashtag.

We urge you to get involved with #take3forthesea and to support their growing movement. Donations to Take 3 are invested into programs and activities to educate & inspire audiences and reduce global plastic pollution.

The Take 3 message has never been louder. Please educate, participate & share the Take 3 vision for clean oceans.

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With the vast majority of the world’s forests already destroyed or degraded, Greenpeace is deeply committed to protecting what is left. Their experience of years working in the biggest forest regions of the world has positioned them well to push for the ambitious targets required to deliver forest protection at the speed and scale needed. Thanks to years of campaigning, governments and some companies have finally caught up to these goals and signed agreements aiming to stop deforestation once and for all.

Greenpeace is also committed to preserving the Great Barrier Reef, protecting oceans, ending plastic at its source, creating a coal free future, ending the oil age, going 100% renewable and defending Pacific Islands.

Greenpeace’s movement is the leading independent campaigning organisation that uses peaceful protest and creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

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WILD ARK’s mission is to promote and support activities that educate, enable, provide resources or inspire humanity to sustainably conserve, protect or restore the environment and the world’s ecosystems, natural resources, wildlife and wild places.

Wild Ark aim to produce and share educational materials on scientific research and other topics that help to improve knowledge and understanding of the positive benefits of ecosystem protection and the importance of human connectivity with nature.

Their research focuses on working on specific problems, threats, solutions and innovative approaches to environmental, natural resource, wildlife protection and conservation with an emphasis on actionable solutions.

Wild Ark help break down the silos between science, philanthropy, government and business worlds by finding and connecting individuals and organisations engaged in conservation work throughout the world.

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